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And This is Closer

It all came suddenly when a message poped up on my Messenger. The words were concise and purposful, with a clear aim.

And to me, it's sinnful.

I had always known my firm was in the business of a data mining system. It should be probing forums you wanted it to be, scanning for keywords, and report them back with all graphs. The prototype was finished in a mere 3 months' time with only 4 developers, not an easy feat. When we talked about it, I shared the joy and pride with them.

Needless to say the intented client wouldn't be any private company, at least not in China, not now. And I said to myself, we were knife makers or gun manufacturers, knife or gun didn't kill people, people killed people. And in fact if used well, our software should be a powerful tool in a very postive way.

And it looked like our client also considered it very powerful and handy. A new kind of workflow had been built with our software in mind.

Or that's how the message in Messenger told me. As long as they had the key word in hand like P X in Xiamen, with the help from our software, when any of the major fourms had a burst of the relative posts, our clients would be informed of hot spot in real-time with pop-up message and emails. The forum would be marked as "trouble maker" and ordered to "disinfect". Not only so, the event would be cross-feeded to the nation-wide system, so the entire system would got an early warning, like to put out a fire before the ignition.

In the end, they would be "IN CONTROL" again, with my firm's help. Farewell to Jiujiang bridge, farewell to PX, they didn't even exist, as long as THEY wanted it, all with my firm's help and we knew it was possible all because we were helping the effort.


It's small, yes. Propaganda autority's plan against people wouldn't even slow down a bit if my firm quits at this time. We had competitors, they had a product that was also up to the task. But the thought BF was the one doing it still shamed me as much, even I was no part of the development team. If we were too small to make a difference, at least we could try not to make a profit from the oppression.

If not, when we could be truly free again?

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